Saturday, January 23, 2016

Baking and Sewing

Hello out there in Blog land.  It is a very cold day here in Maryland and for most of the east coast.  So far we have snow fall totals of 20 inches and it has not slowed  down as of yet.  I decided that I would do some baking and sewing today. 

Thought I would treat everyone to some homemade pumpkin muffins and coffee.  The smell through the house was Wonderful.  I have been working on a project and I will be so glad when I am able to share it.  I love so far how it is turning out.  Okay I will at least tell you what it is.  I am making Aprons for us Plus size Ladies.  I love aprons I can never seem to get enough of them but I also would love to have a few that are girly and just plain cute.  Maybe I will get one finished this weekend.  This storm has everyone in my surrounding area locked in.  One thing about being a crafty person you don't get bored at times like these, you actual get more creative. 

I am still putting together more goodies for the upcoming giveaways.  Tell me what do you like to do when your not able to get out because of the weather.  Have a great day all  Peace and Blessings

Cheryl.....Snatch JOY~!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cooking with Manuela: Easy-to-Make Apple Strudel Braids

Cooking with Manuela: Easy-to-Make Apple Strudel Braids: This is so easy.  I had to share..... Crispy and buttery, braided mini strudel filled with  soft apples, sweet raisins, and a dash of cinnamon A perfect way to warm up these c...

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Worst Birthday Ever!!!


I really wanted to visit this school I had seen it 40 years ago and wanted to know if it was still there it is a historical elementary school.  My interest in the school is the name it is my family name not many people have the name Whaley.  I can remember growing up and always checking the phone book to see how many Whaley's I could find. 
Hello Lovelies I am back from the worst Birthday ever.  I am still upset and so please forgive me how this post is even put together.  To start off I arrived in Williamsburg on Friday weather was nice and I was very tired and hungry after a 5 hour train ride.  I just wanted to check in and get changed up and go out to eat.  Well, when I get there first thing I notice the lack of wash cloths and the two that were there were just horrible.  I began unpacking and notice no hangers!!! What hotel not have hangers.  So I call around to the front desk and explained what was going on.  Grrr this Guy Chris tells me they don't have any extra wash cloths and no more hangers.  What the hell!! are you kidding me. So I get on the phone and call the complaint department for Red Roof.  Now understand I love Red Roof I use them all the time for quick trips.  Never had a problem with them and the prices are great.  So after I filed my complaint 5 mins later here comes this Chris guy with four dingy wash cloths and a arm of brand new hangers.  I also pointed out to him while I was in the room the lack of outlets there was nothing for me to plug anything into.  Ummm what good is a desk if you cant use it no outlets.  Too tired to deal with it I just took the rags and threw the hangers on the bed and left to eat.  Few hours later I return to the room the key doesn't work!! So now I have to go face this Chris guy again.

 Well I go into the office and he hands me my bill and tells me that I am being evicted from the hotel.  What the............. okay okay let me collect myself.  I asked why and he says to  me "you will never be satisfied and I just want your ass out of here"  I grabbed my bill and my one time key to open the door to collect my things and tried very hard not to cry.  I called back the to the complaint line and added this last episode to my case.  The woman on the other end was very apologetic to my situation but explained to me that there was nothing they could do to help since each of these places are individually owned. Then there was this loud bang on my door it was Chris again this time he says "I told you I want you out of here and you have 10 mins to get your shit and get out"  Shaken and almost wanting to faint Mister just said lets hurry up out of here.  My health is not the best and that is one of the reasons I haven't been around much.  Three months ago I had a heart attack and right there after I came down with a bout of pneumonia.  I just want to remain calm and be at peace. 

Fast forward today I check my bank account and the charges for my hotel were posted on my account.  I did however, fine another place but that took some time since this is off season in Williamsburg everything is almost like a ghost town. 

Will Williamsburg still be one of my favorite places to go yes will I return?  It will be a very long time before I do.  While I was there I went to my favorite store William Sonoma I brought an apron I have to have an apron and could never have too many. 

 He is playing with a motor lol trying to not be bored men have their home depots women have William Sonoma.

I enjoyed a movie and a nice prime rib dinner on Saturday.  I am looking forward to a better week. 

Peace and Blessings

Cheryl...snatch Joy~

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

One of My Favorite Places

... to 18 foot tall monuments at Presidents Park, <b>Williamsburg</b>, <b>Virginia</b>

<b>Williamsburg</b>, <b>VA</b> Info Delivery Specials | Party Perfect

This Friday I will be celebrating my 59th Birthday gosh I cant believe it, really doesn't sound right saying it but I am so thankful for it.  I will be going away for the weekend to my favorite place Williamsburg VA.  I try to go there at least twice a year.  I was not able to be there this past Christmas so I figured this weekend would be nice to travel down the road for a mini vacation.  Here are some of my favorite places in Williamsburg.
Movie Tavern Williamsburg - Williamsburg, VA, United States
The Williamsburg Winery - Williamsburg, VA, United States. Museum room
There are so many places that love going to here I will have more personal photos to share later.  And of course you know I will be doing just a little shopping.  Have a great day all.  I am still putting together some goodies for all the giveaways.  Stay tune

Peace and Blessings

Cheryl........Snatch JOY!!

Friday, January 8, 2016

Hello out there in Blog Land

Hello is anybody there?  I know I have not been a good blogger but there are reasons for my absence.  I will get into that later on I just want to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 

To start off the New Year and to help me into getting back into the swing of things I am going to be have a few Give Aways! and guess what?  You really don't have to do much of anything but pay for postage how is that for a give away.   I want to start with a clean slate.  Sewwwww I will be letting you know very soon when the first give away will be.  Also, I need some help with my Blog I want to keep this one but I want to start a new one that is on a more day to day life type of blog.

Have a great evening all

Peace and Blessings

Cheryl Snatch Joy!!!