Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cupcakes Popping up Everywhere!!

Cupcake Muffins sit and wait looking for someone to take them home.  Maybe one or two its all up to you.  They are so cute and small and not one of them will make any type of fuss at all.  Each one made with loving care right down to their wooly hair.  Cute as button wouldn't you like one to come home with you.  15.00 dollars each two for 25.00 but of course there is a traveling fee that will be very small.  They can fit in to a padded envelope.  Traveling here in the states if you want them to travel abroad we will have to discuss all the particulars.  So if one of these cupcakes caught your eye send me a note I will answer all replies. 
Enjoy your evening all going back to make more Cupcakes lol
Peace and Blessings Cheryl Snatch JOY!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

This and That and That and This

Happy Tuesday what a great weekend I had it was scorching hot but I loved it.  Today is even hotter I think.  Mister didn't have to work today so he started out early this morning pulling weeds from the flower beds.  Boy oh boy was that a chore.  We have been having a lot of rain so things are growing like crazy even the weeds. 

With this house I have been bouncing all over the place from one room to the next.  I think that I will start focusing on one room at a time it is hard.  I wanted it to be my bedroom but I think I am going to move on to the Dinning Room and hopefully the living room.  I found the perfect wall paper that I will be using in the Dinning Room

This is what is in the room now I have grown tired of the bland grass paper Not a good photo.
  So I just want to brighten things up a bit.  Every wall in this house with the exception of the main Bathroom is Beige time to make this place truly mines.

I am also thinking about having a online Flea Market.  I really need to downsize on a lot of things around here.  Starting with some of the fabric I have.  I have a bolt of quilted calico fabric along with the matching fabric.  I know I am not going to use it maybe someone will be interested in it.  I am just throwing thoughts out there.

Time to get busy have a great day Peace and Blessings
Cheryl Snatch JOY~~~!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Decisons Decisions .......sigh

#49 wallpaper of 2014 | CASABELLA | AmericanBlinds.comWhat a delightful touch of whimsy. The generously sized flowers, some a foot across, spring from a garden of fantasy colors. Five choices include pearl white with teal, yellow/green, and brown or grey and brown on a creamy pearl white.Rhododendrum Script - Pattern HA1289 - Book Name: Inspired By Color//Green - York Wallcovering - On sale for the month of March at www.AmericanBlinds.com

As you can see right now I am having a hard time choosing the perfect wallpaper for my Master Bedroom.  So I decided that this time before I take a leap and purchase any wallpaper I am going to buy the samples.  I can be so cheap at the wrong times only to make a costly mistake later on.  My Bedroom has been a work in progress for sometime now.  Slowly it is coming together and I do mean slowly.  The colors I have in my room is White, Lavender, light grey.  I only want to use the paper on one wall.  Just haven't decided which wall.  I am having Mister build me a closet  something close to one of these
mirrored closet doors
Built in closet.

doors with built in mirrors | Built in wardrobes sydney , Builtin wardrobes sydney, walkin wardrobes ...

This last one here I love how the interior of it is done

I absolutely love it!!!  I would hand paint it burgundy and put black and white scroll work on the interior Wardrobe to match my upstairs bathroom.

Now  I was able to get my rolling bed table made and I must say I simply love it!

Well with patience it all shall fall in place soon.  I love my house the only thing I don't like about it is the lack of closets.  Not even a linen closet.  I am not great at organization.  I cant put things into bins and tubs because I will forget about them.  Well I am going to call it a night for now.  Until later I wish Peace and Blessings
Always Snatch JOY!!


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Time to return from the Social Network

This is message I guess is for me and for anyone out there taking the time to read.  This is what I seem to like about Blogging and for the life of me I don't know why I even stopped.

After my time on Face Book I just couldn't take anymore of the madness that goes on and that I have no CONTROL over what I see run through the news feeds.  I mean everyone has their own opinions  and so do I and I don't want to be in the business of deleting people because of things that they love.  So I decided it is just better if I come  back here.

Since I am back I am going to try and get back into the swing of things.  I have not made any dolls in awhile but I still have a nice inventory of dolls to get things started again. 

A lot has changed in my life since those days of Blogging some of you may know I no longer have my locs I had to cut them it was painful but it had to be done after bouts with medication therapy I couldn't take waking up finding a loc laying on my pillow.  I had them for Eight years and I loved each one.  I cried the day I sat in front of my vanity mirror and starting clipping them off one by one the tears just poured.  That journey was over and now I am on to a new path.  This Blog is going to be about that new Journey. 

Until later

Peace and Blessings

Cheryl Snatch JOY!!