Sunday, October 17, 2010

Such a Long Road Ahead

Oleana jump up from her warm feathered down ticking bed to the smells of her mother cooking biscuits, ham and her favorite fried potatoes and onions.  Her mother was up early fixing breakfast and special treats for Oleana to carry with her on her long trip to Washington, DC.  Mista James and his Wife Janey was to be arriving soon to take Oleana with them on this trip since they had important business in Washington. .

Oleana was so excited about going she had never went anywhere outside of their small farm in North Carolina.  It was hard for her mother to let her youngest leave but it was all for good reason.  Oleana would be attending a new school that had just only been open two years.  The Normal School for Colored Girls established in Washington, DC in 1851, was an institution of learning and training for young African-American women, especially so that they might become teachers. Oleana was very smart and Mista James and his Wife had told Oleana's mother about the school.  

The school was founded by Mytilla Miner with the encouragement from Henry Ward Beecher and funding from a Quaker philanthropist after the school in Mississippi where she taught refused her permission to conduct classes for African American girls. While inappropriate today, the use of the term "colored" was considered polite in nineteenth century speech. However, some sources refer to the school as the "Miner School for Girls".

Although the school offered primary schooling and classes in domestic skills, its emphasis from the outset was on training teachers. Miner stressed hygiene and nature study in addition to rigorous academic training.

With everything packed and ready to go Oleana tucked a few biscuits in her bag along with some of her favorite things.   Wearing her freshly pressed cotton dress and pinafore.  Oleana sits on the front porch and waits. 

Hey everyone I finally finished her as you can see I am still unsure as to whether or not she is a Rag Muffin lol.  I will be listing her this week in my Esty shop if you are interested in her before I list her just send me a email.  Now for the next clue "BATTER" lol this is fun and so far no one has come even close.  Have a great week everyone and stay creative

Peace and Blessings
Cheryl....Snatch JOY~!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Hi Everyone I just wanted to share a doll that I have redone in my store.  I have to relist her.  I think that she looks so much better now.  I know that I love making dolls with no faces but for some reason this one just seemed to needed one. 

Well this was a second post for me today WOW okay off to sewing again
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY~!


Hello Sweet Friends I thought I pop in to wish everyone a Happy Friday.  I am still working on my doll so far this is what I have done to her.  Still not sure if she will be a Rag Muffin lol but I really love how she is turning out so far.  Once I am done with her I will be doing a few Rag Muffins in a Christmas theme.  Wow and Christmas is not far away. 

Okay let me also leave you with another clue "Flour" hehe I am still cracking up at Amy guessing.  Wonders if anyone will guess it right?  Please share with your other blogging friends that I am working on my 100th follower Give Away.  Enjoy your day all
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY~!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Hello Everyone, I still at it making Rag Muffins they have become so addictive.  I started on a new doll which was suppose to be in my McCullough Plantation Women Series but some how this one seems to be heading the Rag Muffin stage.

While I was away this past weekend I did manage to pick up a few yards of fabric which I can't wait to start using.  Is it me or does anyone else do the same while out doing other activities non doll related find yourself buying fabric or some kind of sewing notions.  I think fabric shops tend to find me I swear I don't be looking for them lol.  Where is your favorite place to purchase fabric?  Do you set a limit on how much you spend for fabric per doll?   I love fabric as much as I love anything about sewing, I think sometimes that is what gets me into trouble lol.  If the cloth speaks to me I buy it, often that can mean I may spend too much for the fabric to use on a doll but hey I make my dolls as if I were making them for myself.

I also want to remind everyone that I am getting so close but yet still a ways to go for my 100 followers.  I had give you a hint as to what the prize would be so I am going to give another clue "Kitchen"  now to add to the fun the person who guesses what the prize is will also win a prize now how kool is that huh?  So I hope you can remember the first clue.  Well back to sewing and stuffing body parts.  Have a great evening all
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY~!

Monday, October 11, 2010


What a Weekend I am exhausted I need a vacation to regroup from my long weekend.  It is so great to be back home.  I truly had a nice time I went to New Port News, VA and Hampton, Williamsburg, and just tried to cram so many things into such a short time.  I am so upset that I left my camera at home I tried to remember to pack everything I needed and still left a few things well some important things as a matter of fact one big thing was my insulin!! I could not believe I had left it.  I prayed and try with everything in me not to do anything that would raise my blood sugar.  Okay I know your sitting there saying why is she pro longing this and just tell us already who won the give away.  Well the winner is ........

Wait before I tell you who the winner is I want you to know that I tried to make a video so it could be done live I have never done one before so there is no sound okay now back to telling you who won



CONGRATULATIONS!! ANGEL please email your information so that I can send your Doll to you.  Again I want to thank everyone who participated.  I had so much fun doing this and guess what?   I almost have 100 followers I will be having another Give Away soon as I reach that mark.  Everyone Have a Great Week!
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl....Snatch JOY~!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hello everyone!  I popped in to remind all of you that the Deadline is almost here for the Give Away which is October 8,  I will be changing the date that I will be announcing the winner until Monday.  I have been invited away this weekend and will be leaving on Friday.

I also wanted to let you know that I have almost reached my 100th follower Oh My!  now that is very exciting for me and for the lucky person who wins what I am going to be giving away for that.  I am going to give you one tiny hint "Something you can use" lol.  I know that is not much of a hint but just wait till you see what it is going to be.  I am still visiting blogs but is it just me that get to peoples blogs and get stuck on there for hours sometimes.  Gosh there are some nice blogs out there.  I found so many recipes but I am bad at sometimes not remembering to write down whose blog I that I have found it on.  That is on my list of gotta be a  better blogging friend.  I love all the comments everyone has left it feels great to know that so many love my dolls.

I have to share with you a picture of my youngest son.  I took this last week before he was on his way to school.  He attends a school for gifted and talented kids I am so very proud of him. On Wednesdays his school does Shadow Working.  Each student is mentored with a Company that offers jobs in the field which he has picked as a class.  He wants to be a Broker and Financial Adviser who knew my shy little boy would want to do something in that field.  He also wants to attend law school.  Right now he is in the 11th grade so time is really creeping up on me to be prepared for him with collage.  In my eyes he is still my little baby.

 Have a great day everyone
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY~!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Hello My Sweet and Wonderful Friends I must say I am so happy and overwhelmed at all the new followers to my Blog.  I have been trying so hard to go to visit each of you.  It is taking me longer than I thought possible well I never thought that I would have this many followers.  I must say because of my sweet blogging friends and friends on Facebook sharing with others about my Giveaway I now have new wonderful friends.

I just want everyone to know that I am adding everyone names as they are being posted to the blog on to the list for the Giveaway.  Just one week away!  I am so excited I want to just give each of you a BIG THANK YOU I will also become a follower of your Blogs as well.  But wait there is more!  I am getting close to having 100 followers oooooh my Gosh that means I will have to have another GIVE AWAY when it reaches that. 

Okay I am rambling on and on but I can't help it right now lol.  I finished another Rag Muffin I will be listing her in my Etsy shop this weekend.  

I truly enjoy making these and again Thank you Everyone!  Have a Wonderful Weekend
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY~!