Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hello My Sweet Friends I hope everyone is staying cool. I am trying to get things done early before it gets too hot in my studio.  I don't have air conditioning in here ugh matter fact it is the only room in the house that doesn't.  These past few weeks I have been reflecting more and more back into my childhood days growing up.  My family was really poor back then but yet it was some of the happiest times I can remember.   My Mom and Dad was struggling really hard and had to let my brother and me go stay with my Aunt Leona.  I thought about this today with this heat wave that we are all dealing with.

There was what they called back then a Beer Joint or Juke Joint but I only can remember my Aunt calling it a Beer Joint.  It was on the corner down from where we stayed next door to that was a small grocery market and we as kids would go in there to buy Popsicles and can you believe this little 5cent loaves of Wonder Bread.  We would stop at the corner and peek in the Beer Joint and see the grown folks in there some dancing other sitting at the bar talking.  Which brings me to this one song every time I hear it I think back to that summer.

 Ahh what fun that was we would stand on the corner and dance and giggle at the older folks in there dancing.  The Mash Potato and the Jerk was the dance of the times those were the days.  Funny how we have become so spoiled that the slightest bit of heat we are screaming.  There was no air conditioners for the homes back then and some didn't even have house fans.  Yet we made it through the scotching summers. 

I can remember laying in bed on a hot summer night on top of my covers with windows open just praying for a breeze to come through.  Those were days when Popsicles and koolaide was the best thing ever.  Staying outside when sun went down and chasing lighting bugs until Auntie said it was time to come in.  A cool bath to help you sleep through the summer heat.

Stay cool everyone try not to venture out unless it is necessary, check on your elderly neighbors and if someone doesn't have a fan and you have one to share please do.

Peace and Blessings
Cheryl....Snatching JOY!


  1. Dear Cheryl, great stories, they bring back nearly the same great memories from my childhood! I have 6 siblings, and many many cousins who all lived within a stones throw of us, so we always has a "gang" of kids at our house. We played "big bad wolf" a game that took place after dark, one was nominated to be the wolf, and the others would hide in the yard, the wolf would try and find you, and if he tagged you, you were out till the last person was found, then the first to be found was the new wolf! what fun that was. Our air conditioning consisted of the creek just down the road from our house. We played there daily in the summer, only coming home for lunch and at dark. What fantastic summers those were. Thanks for the memories Cheryl. Stay cool. xoxo Christel

  2. Oh Cheryl, I do love that photo of the bathing beauties, how happy and cute the girls all look posing to their hearts content...and what fond memories you have.
    Stay Cool!

    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane