Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blog Blog Blog

I guess your saying what is this all about.  Well first let me just say I missed blogging but due to having two sick people in the house with the flu for two weeks and now I have it.  I feel like cramp but I just had to blog today if only for a few minutes.

I have been working on a doll during that time off and on and the reasons it has been off and on is because I have been tempted so many times just to toss her out a window or may even throw her down the front stairs.  Okay hold up before you all decide to call doll protective services on me let me plead my case.  She started out to be a Snow Angel had the nose all pointed and frosty then I looked at her more and though well no maybe take the nose off and just make a Christmas Rag doll well no I took and 86 all those ideas and just for now I am stuck with this

I do have some good news in all this I won  yes I won won won.  I received a message on face book that I won a give away yeppie look at what I won

Yes indeed I won it from Donna's giveaway at http://sweetprairiedwellings.blogspot.com/
 Thank you Donna !   Now before I go I know this blog today might seem all confused and all over the place but again I feel like ugh!!! lol but I can not leave without giving out another clue "TOWEL"

Have great day all
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl.....Snatch JOY~!


  1. Hope you feel better soon sweetie! Congrats on the win though that should make you feel a little better.More clues hmmmm.A Flour sack towel with wooden spoons in the pocket? Get well hugs!~Amy

  2. lol @ calling doll protective services...I have had many days my dolls end up in the body parts drawer! Hope you get to feeling better soon. I too have had a bout with the stomach flu or something for a couple of weeks, so I feel your pain. Congrats on the win! The snowman is so cute. He will make a great centerpiece for a table during the holidays. xoxo Christel

  3. ahhh Cheryl..well first congrats on winning something lol...your dollmmmmm well her clothes are really nice...lol
    Hope you are better soon..I hear laughing will do it....

  4. Hi Cheryl,Hope your feeling much better soon! Congrats on winning the snowman center piece,very cute. Hmmm thinking...what if you did some kind of hat and scarf for your new little girl maybe that would work, and maybe even a muff to hold (white fur with a sprig of holly on it)??? As far as your next clue, could it be an apron made out of a flour sack???

  5. I personally like your Doll as is Cheryl!! You are very talented!!I see absolutely nothing wrong with her... We are always more critical of our own work.You ought to see how scary my dolls are hon. Good thing they are sopposed to look like early Prim creations lol!!! I just told my husband the other night,,,they look like the work of a blindfolded 3 year old!!! lol!!And if I catch wind that you throw her out the window...I wont call DPS on ya... I will just hop on a Plane find my way to your house and snatch her up...and run like the dickens!!!!!!lol!!!Hmmm....maybe you should call her ''Joy'' cause I know if you post her for sale sweetie..someone will snatch her up!! (Wink!!!)Feel better!! And by the way,,, I need you to send me your Address so I can get your goody box to ya!! You can just message it to me on FB..if ya like. Blessings... Donna

  6. Im sorry but you'll have to give her a nose, the poor thing just needs some love and attention.

    hope things are well at your house, I was off two days but not with the flu

    Marisa :)