Monday, July 18, 2011

This is Going to be a Long one!

Hello Dearies this is going to be a long post so you might want to grab something to drink put your feet up and relax.  I have so much to talk about I figured I just get it all out right now.  Well let me begin with showing you a sneak peak of my Newest Mammy that I have been working on now for 2 weeks.

So far as you can see she is almost ready.  I still have a little more things to do with her and not sure if I am going to make her an apron.  Which brings me on to the my next subject for so long I have felt unsure of myself, my art and my life in general pretty sad huh? but that is not what this is about nothing sad here I just decided to stop trying to be the Crowd Pleaser and as the saying goes Be True To Thy Self with that came an awakening. 

I have met some wonderful people through Blogging some personally and some just through sharing words in Blogging.  The other day I was doing some Blog Hopping I seem to do a lot of that lately lol sometimes it just can't be helped.  Well this is where it all starts to get even longer so if you haven't grab your cup of coffee yet maybe now would be a good time. 

First I found this Blog here http://olabelhe.blogspot.com/ Let me tell you I was stop dead in my Hop I couldn't travel on to another blog after being there on hers.  Dawn is a wonderful seamstress and her story on how she started sewing reminds me of a little of myself.  I adore the dresses she makes and she did one in particular that I have the very same fabric here and didn't know what to use it for and now I do you will see in a few weeks.  So later on in the week I ended up on my Friends Sams Blog http://sewdollswhosnext.blogspot.com/2011/07/when-i-am-not-bloggingi-actually-stitch.html#comments Here she shares her Beautiful Cozies and tells a heart warm story which brought back memories how her and I connected a few years ago.  She is such a delight and always brings me up out of any down moment that I might be having.  I have been making Mammy Dolls for many years now through trial error and many tears often just saying the heck with my passion for wanting to make this doll would not allow me to give up.  Sam did all the creative work to my blog I can never thank her enough for taking out the time for doing this for me. 

It is because of these two Ladies and My Muse  that I am driven to focus to never give up and not try to be the Crowd pleaser.  I had to find myself  to tell the Stories of  Mammy and give her a voice.  I had drawn away from that and try doing other things or making my dolls in a way I felt they would sell.  Well as you can guess most never sold and in my basement tuck away in a corner packed away are all my past creations of unwanted dolls.  Why because I was not being true to Thy Self I was too busy trying to be a Crowd Pleaser. 

I want to also thank Christel http://christelhutson.blogspot.com/ ,Deb http://debsvintagesoul.blogspot.com/ ,DessaRae http://dessaraeartdolls.blogspot.com/ Amy http://bumblebeelanecottage.blogspot.com/, and so many others for your kind words and taking out the time to follow me even though at times I haven't been the best of a blogger.  So again I want to say THANK YOU!! and I am still also working on my 100th follower giveaway to all my new followers thank you so much. 

Let your Spirit within shine through let your heart touch another share patience to another give thanks to everyday you take a Breath of Life
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl.....Snatch JOY~!


  1. Cheryl ~ Sweetie you should always stay true to yourself you are such a beautiful person inside and out.Your talent as a artist is outstanding never conform just do what you love bring them to life as the speak to you.Hope your enjoying your summer and especially that sweet new grandbaby! Warm Blessings!~Amy

  2. My dear sweet Mammy creator..for the life of me I cannot understand why you have not sold everyone of them...my Mammy doll called Mammy May is my most cherished possession...she is my sewing room a constant reminder of the passion you have for your dolls...continue your passion...this one...I actually like without her hat...I love her head band..not sure what you call it..but I love the look of her...your choices of material...priceless...you touch my heart

  3. Oh Honey no, you are a wonderful artist and I love reading your stories and looking at your dolls, do what I did find a charity and sell your stuff to help it..

    neglected animals is a good cause or find a street fair and set up a card table withyour stuff, think outside the box and you'll succeed the only place you can go is up :)

    I took all my stuff to work and it sold out (I thought I'd sell one or two but everything?) time to clear out some inventory :)


  4. Hi Cheryl,

    I love long posts!! I agree with Madame Samm...I like your Mammy without the hat.

    Your talent is amazing...your dolls touch my heart and the stories draw me in.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful dolls with us!!

    Dessa Rae