Tuesday, July 21, 2015

This and That and That and This

Happy Tuesday what a great weekend I had it was scorching hot but I loved it.  Today is even hotter I think.  Mister didn't have to work today so he started out early this morning pulling weeds from the flower beds.  Boy oh boy was that a chore.  We have been having a lot of rain so things are growing like crazy even the weeds. 

With this house I have been bouncing all over the place from one room to the next.  I think that I will start focusing on one room at a time it is hard.  I wanted it to be my bedroom but I think I am going to move on to the Dinning Room and hopefully the living room.  I found the perfect wall paper that I will be using in the Dinning Room

This is what is in the room now I have grown tired of the bland grass paper Not a good photo.
  So I just want to brighten things up a bit.  Every wall in this house with the exception of the main Bathroom is Beige time to make this place truly mines.

I am also thinking about having a online Flea Market.  I really need to downsize on a lot of things around here.  Starting with some of the fabric I have.  I have a bolt of quilted calico fabric along with the matching fabric.  I know I am not going to use it maybe someone will be interested in it.  I am just throwing thoughts out there.

Time to get busy have a great day Peace and Blessings
Cheryl Snatch JOY~~~!!!


  1. Beautiful wall paper. It looks very calming :>. Love the little girl with the stroller in your header too...so cute.
    TFS your day:)>

  2. I like your wallpaper selection. That paper you have now is certainly out dated. I know what you mean about color. Our home has stained and varnished barnsiding on most of the walls and the ceilings in the living room and bathroom. I would love to paint them. I dream in Aqua!! But then I think about being 64 and wonder if I will want to paint them again when the need arises. Also, the planks seem to expand in the summer and shrink in the winter. I fear if I paint, when the walls shrink I'll have stripes. Oh well. You are making progress. It's good to focus on one room at a time.
    Have a great day.

  3. Cheryl...your comments are left..they are there...but I dont' have your email as you are a no reply blogger....send me an email madamesamm@me.com

    1. Oh gosh Samm I am learning all over again how to blog. I don't understand what is a no reply blogger lol. I need to fix that please bear with me