Sunday, January 17, 2010

Back in Business

Yes I am in business now I went shopping today and picked up three 5lb boxes of fiberfil and fabric, paint, pastels, brushes also a storage bin. I finally came up with an idea on how to organize this closes I called a studio/office lol. The walls are coming down on me. I don't know how many of you have been watching the show hoarders.
Just the thought of it make my belly want to flip flop. I know they say these folks have a sickness and I don't wish to ever contact that illness. So the more I sit in this closet lol I think of that show. Now as craters we do accumulate alot of things and some you have to ask yourself do you need it can you toss it out. At one point I was saving scrapes. I was putting them in baggies oh lawd I had to stop and rethink that one. So I been spending some of today tossing out things I don't need, some things I had forgotten I even had. At first I was going to purchase some counter tops and put up a L Shape workspace but later on today after looking over everything it would be alot cheaper for me to but two more of those fold up tables and use one as a desk and the other as a cutting, painting and ironing area. Then for the rest of the things on my desk and drawers *desk is falling apart* I can buy a few more of those rolling carts they fit perfectly under those tables.

Some of you have mention the shelves I have in here on one side of the room well they are nice but not functional for me. The previous owner left them here and you know trying to decorate around someone Else's idea is sometimes kinda hard. For one thing it is not all that great for storing my fabrics I figure I get a couple of book cases from Ikea and that way I can eliminate the fabric baskets I have on the floor *which is a bad idea for storing fabric* found things stored in there I plum forgotten. Another problem I have is I love pretty boxes and containers but what do you do with all of them.

I wanted a pretty work space that makes me feel happy to be in but after awhile you sit among all this STUFF you dont see pretty anymore I see JUNK. I visioned this room done in Pink, Black and White and I just love toile and believe it or not there is lots of it in here you just can't see it for all the STUFF lol. So along with making dolls my mission is to Clean up, Decorate, Organize and SHOWOFF my new space once it's all done.

Does anyone else have this problem and Madame Samm you are ordered not to respond to this question. Her space is just NEAT, ORGANIZED and FABULOUS...sigh
Until tomorrow Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY~!

Mammy dusting up a storm


  1. Yes!!!!! I do!!!!!! And I mean you just can't get rid of some of your stuff!!!!! Hee hee I save everything I think I may at some point be able to use for something!!!!! A little scary after seeing hoarders, my space is not cute and I have to go through everything before I can find what I needed!!!!! I also have a two year old grandson Jager that I keep and I have to hide some things from him, scissors and such, hee hee but then I forget where I hid it too!!!!! oh well!!!! I am going to work on my space too!!!!! Sew glad you got some stuffing!!!!! Yaa!!!! Hope to see more of your dolls soon!!!!! You know I think and I am going to pass the word around that we are crafters and it is ok to hoard a little because you know doll makers and crafters have to have stuff and we are only a little crazy!!!! WEll some of us are more crazy than others.... Well that is my story!!!!! I have to have it!!!!!! hugs carla

  2. I so feel your pain LOL.

    I am super glad you found the stuffing you needed though!

    Xoxoxxx Ree

  3. Oh Hello it is me not responding...but I laughed at your post Cheryl...
    no name

  4. Carla you have me over here cracking up but it is so true. Ree if you only knew the real pain of it all if any of you see me on hoarders just know you could be next lol. Oh Samm you just had to say something, I mean oh gosh your part of the reason I started looking at my workspace in a new way. After seeing your pictures of everything so nice, neat and pretty I really didn't want to come in my room again lol SMH (shaking my head) @ no name