Saturday, January 16, 2010


This morning is starting off on a bad note. I don't know if anyone else is having the same problem I having in finding Fiberfill or Poly fil lately. Since Walmart has just about eliminated their craft department it is getting harder and harder for me to find it. Jo Ann Fabrics stock it but that too is hard for me to even get to since the nearest Jo Ann's is about 30 miles from me they are closing down stores left and right. Hey who can make a doll with no poly fil. I mean yes I could do it the old fashion way and stuff these girls with a rags but umm your not going to get the same effect.

So this morning I went on a mission in search of Poly fil online and off. I found some from one distributor AirTex well it's at a good price but by the time I pay for shipping not too much of a deal after all. Hey I guess I have to do what I gotta do. So with coupons in hand I am going to JoAnn's tomorrow and buy up every box of 5 pound poly fil they have in stock. I guess later on I will save up and get one of those 25 pound boxes from Airtex which comes to a round off figure of 96.00 dollars with shipping >SCREAMING< So until then I am around here cutting open old spare body parts I had stuffed taking the poly fil from them. I am going to have to some major calculations now because I can make around 3 dolls from one 5 pound box. *I stuff my dolls almost brick hard* lol

OK now that I have vented for the morning off to tearing open body parts
Have a Great Day all Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY~!

Wonders What Mammy would have done in a situation like this....


  1. Same as you. Improvise, reuse and stock up. I hate the way so many craft stores are closing down. It is very sad fro us crafters.

  2. Ok, here is the scoop Cheryl...in Ontario Canada that does not seem to be the problem as we have many Fabriclands to purchase our polyfill...I purchase it by the 30 lb bags, last time I purchased I bought 2 bags, get 1 free, so I ended up with 18 bags...guess I was thinking they would not have the sale someday lol...Anyway I think the cost was about 20.00 bag on average...Now I know what my Mammy would have done...eat less potatoes...lol
    Hope your day was good on your name sake day ...
    blessings madame samm

  3. Years ago when I was into making cloth dolls as a major source of income, I couldn't afford the stuffing. So a friend of mine offered the scrap stuffing from her quilting business. The stuffing wasn't pretty but it did the job. Maybe you could contact a quilting guild and ask if they have any scrap stuffing.
    I have even stuffed with dryer lint...lol
    Hope you can find a good source for your stuffing.
    Dessa Rae

  4. Thanks Deb I am surely going to be stocking up. Now see Samm that is not fair it is almost like teasing me giving me prices like that >one long tear slowly falls down the face< I never heard of that store and then to have 30 pound bags!! I am going to look them up and see if they would deliver to the states. My day was great I didn't do too much plaining on going out tomorrow and Monday for some dolly shopping. Dessa Rae now that is also something I would never have thought of, you ladies are sending me on a major hunt forsure. Hope everyone had a Wonderful Day
    Peace and Blessing
    Cheryl...Snatch JOY~!

    Mammy sitting by the fire cutting old clothes into small pieces for stuffing...