Friday, January 15, 2010

Lookie Lookie

Today is My Birthday yippee!! I am whole 53 years young bursting with energy of a young woman lol whew lawd me. I did manage to almost finish up a doll today I thought I give you a peek at her before I leave out. Can you imagine I am actually leaving out the house today escaping from my sewing machine I hope it doesn't try and follow me lol. Everyone have a great day until later Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY~!


  1. Well first Happy Name Sake Day lol...
    Now for this Mammy...Oh gosh, she should be called Mammy Violet, she is stunning Cheryl.
    Every part of her...I am so excited that you are making Mammy's once again...You make my heart sing with joy!...
    blessings, madame samm

  2. Your Dolls are fabulous, thier feet are amazing Glad you started a blog to share them with us.
    :-) Juliet

  3. Great mammy's! I just love those toes!
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Your doll is so adorable!!
    Thanks for following me, I have you on my favorite blog list...hope you have a wonderful day.
    Dessa Rae

  5. Happy birthday Cheryl!!! Hope you are having an awesome day!
    I just LOVE your mammy dolls - can't wait to see what you send me for the PTM article!!!

  6. Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaay Cheryl!!! OMGoodness you do not look 53 at all! I hope you have a bday as special as you and your Mammies are!

    Speaking of Mammies, this one is GORGEOUS! OMGosh, I loooooove her feet!

    Xoxoxxx Ree

  7. Happy Birthday!!!!! I left a post earlier but it has not shown up!!!!! I sang for you but glad you couldn't hear it!!!! Good you got out for some fun without the sewing machine!!!! The newest doll is enchanting!!!! I love her!!!! hugs carla

  8. Happy Birthday Cheryl. Hope you have a really fun day and your mammy doll is brilliant. Thank you for following my blog.
    Hugs.. Bev