Monday, August 15, 2011

Naked Women and Rainy Days

Morning Ladies excuse me while I yawn lol this rain is so refreshing but it has me sleepy.  I only had one cup of coffee maybe by the time I start on my second cup my other eyelid will open up fully.  I have four naked women in this room starring at me to clothed their shameless bodies. 

These two agreed to be photographed but only if I covered up their chest.  The one in the flowered outfit is so darn fussy trying to find a match for her skirt so she will having to sit and wait just tad longer besides my brain is not on full speed right now so I will work on the girl on the right the fabric covering her will be a pinafore.

I have been asked many times do I make clothes for people and my answer is no.  Years ago I did but that was back in the late 70's during my hippie days.  I soon changed that when a few times of making dresses and the clients would either gain or loose weight .  That's another lovely thing about a doll they sit and patiently wait and love everything you put on them without a fuss and not weight gain lol.  Well let me correct that because I swear it has happened a few times after dressing a doll and she fussed because the outfit just wasn't looking right on her, or was it just me lol. 

So off I go to make another cup of coffee, speaking of which I am in search of a percolator you know the kind when you was a kid you could see the coffee bouncing up and down in to the glass knob.  Tired of my coffee maker and I believe it's tired of me also lol Have a great day all
Peace and Blessings

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