Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Post Comes With A Warning ~ So You Have Been Warned

Today is not about dolls or anything like that but about how I had a very Bad Saturday but it did have it's good moments.  My day started off early I left the house around 8 am on my way to what should have been an excellent day. This is how it began:

8:30 am arrived at Joyce house to meet her we are heading off to the Eastern Shore to a Crab Feast and Shopping trip.

8:45 Went to McDonald and got the so called Breakfast Burrito only for it to be cold and nothing but a plain ol egg inside.

9:00 am Boarded the bus seats were assigned so should have known our seats are next to the last two seats in the back.  Well the seats we had were broken so I couldn't position mines.  The almost two hour ride I had to sit perched up like a bird ugh!

The rain started coming down hard I wore sandles good part of the trip we stopped off at the Outlet Mall first so picked up a pair of Nike walking shoes needed those.  Went to the  Chesapeake Bay Gourmet Shop and found another goodie

Yea! Black with White Polka Dot Readers Love them!
Okay boarded the bus again for another 40 min ride to our destination the Crab Feast...sigh Once we arrived we were given box bottoms and was told to use them as trays.  Okay this is starting not to sound too great.  Golf carts arrived for those who needed assistance into the area.  Once I walked through the gate I was pointed out the different areas to go to for my food lines were long as ~!@~ I stood in one line for about 10 mins or more hot and humid building and was handed little containers of ........Sweet potatoe fries (cold) Ranch fries (cold) two pieces of fish about 6inches in size (cold)  fried clams (cold) and a hotdog none of which I could eat. I came for the Crabs well taking the food back to my table only to find out assigned seating for the group you came with.

Wait there are two tables and you guessed it I didn't have a seat.  Finally a woman decided to move her jacket so that I could sit down.  I looked around thinking the crabs would at least be delivered to the table but nope there was another long line to stand in for crabs.  Thank God for my friend Joyce she had headed that way first.  Again remember now this is supose to be a all you can crab feast.  Joyce returned with what they gave out was six crabs a piece and you had to get back in line again for more.  There also was a bar b que chicken line and corn on the cob oh and the bottled water and soda line.  I am not able to eat a lot of things right now due to my teeth. ....sigh 

After of all of that I just was ready to go home.  A woman took a picture of Joyce and I...sigh she only got the top of our heads lol oh well I look like a hot mess anyways

So today I am just tired no sewing or anything else will get done today.  I think I am going to just go back to bed and be lazy. 
Peace and Blessings
Cheryl...Snatch JOY~!


  1. Glad to see you and your girlfriend were still able to crack a smile after all of that! I would have been pretty "crabby" too! ( Just sittin' here in one of MY many aprons. not frilly ones, most are covered with paint, stain, bleach, and tomato spots.... just think if I didn't wear one most of the time.... then All of my T shirts would be ruined! Lots of rain, good day to be lazy!

  2. Sweetie~ That's sounds like a day right out of my life except I'm sure I would have been sick half way home..smile..At least you got some girlfriend time in.You both look beautiful after such a trying day.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  3. Mama said there would be days like that! Live and learn. Thank you when someone invites me to one of those events I will ask questions!

  4. Hoo boy....sounds a bit disappointing....BUT you did get to go out with your bff so not all was lost.
    you both look beautiful!

  5. What a day! It's hard to keep a good attitude when that kind of day rolls around. :) blessings, marlene

  6. dang Cheryl! Hope today was a much better day for you..at least going back to bed might revive you, and get you back to the Mammys! Sounds like a day me and my sister would have..we would laugh about it later..hope you can too! xoxo Christel

  7. hahaha...I am crakin' up! That picture of you two looks like you're laughin' at the photographer cause somehow you already know what kinda pic it's gonna turn out to be!